"What she was born to do"

Scholar, teacher, writer: Marie Borroff 1923-2019


The women who changed Yale College:
two who made an impact

In excerpts from the new book Yale Needs Women, stories of two pioneers: Shirley Daniels '72 and Lawrie Mifflin '73.


Bending toward equality

How—and when—the proportion of women in Yale College reached 50 percent.


The women who changed Yale College: first-person stories

We asked some of the 500 women who entered Yale in 1969 to tell us what they remember: the good and the bad.


The women who changed Yale College: Sam Chauncey interview

Former university secretary Sam Chauncey '57 recalls the bumps on the path to coeducation.

By Kathrin Day Lassila ’81


First-person stories: gratitude

"With opportunity came responsibility—the responsibility to excel, lest other women not be allowed to follow in my footsteps."


First-person stories: Yale men

"The quarterback of the Yale football team, Matt Jordan, knew how to diaper a baby. It helps when you are the oldest of six children."

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First-person stories: in the classroom

"One professor stated that I . . . would not know about bridge building, since I had never had an Erector Set."


First-person stories: in the colleges

"The first week was filled with lots of upperclassmen coming to try to sign us up for the laundry service, and who knows what else—but mostly just eager to look us over."


First-person stories: May Day

“I was taken aback to see policemen throwing tear gas canisters over the Vanderbilt gate into the courtyard of our dormitory.”

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First-person stories: Yale administration

“In my most difficult year, despite all of Yale’s resources, I was mostly on my own.”


The women who changed Yale College: introduction

On the 50th anniversary of undergraduate coeducation, we hear from some of the first women about their experience.

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From the Editor

Recognizing women

A few alumnae worth remembering.

By Kathrin Day Lassila ’81

Letters to the Editor

Letters: September/October 2019

Where They Are Now

Not your standard doctor of music

Koi Anunta '00 gave up medicine for trip-hop.

By Lenore Skenazy ’81

Scene on Campus


The only place it's safe to drive while distracted: a Yale simulator.

President's Letter

Women of Yale

Sporting Life


Miye Oni '20 is Yale's first NBA draftee in 32 years.

By Evan Frondorf ’14

Last Look

Bridge over untroubled waters

The West Campus: a river runs through it.