• From the Editor


    A new home for the magazine—and goodbye to a longtime employee.

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • features

    Left on the drawing board

    The university has scrapped many major building proposals in the past 130 years. What would the campus look like if it hadn’t?

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • features

    Commencement '19: a customary celebration

    Yale’s 318th commencement looked pretty familiar, except for an unprecedented number of women getting honorary degrees.

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • Arts & Culture

    Music on the walls

    Sol LeWitt’s drawings at Yale.

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • Light & Verity

    I have a bad feeling about this

    How Han Solo got into the Yale library.

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • Last Look

    A womb of one's own

    In the arts library, some very comfy chairs.

    May/Jun 2019