Old Yale

  • Old Yale

    Racing to romance

    In the 1950s, Yale men pedaled to Vassar for glory--and dates--in the annual Beer-Bike Race.

    May/Jun 2024
  • Old Yale

    The secret garden

    Weir Hall was part of a self-described crank's more ambitious plan.

    Mar/Apr 2024
  • Old Yale

    A civil rights champion

    Yale Law grad Warner T. McGuinn 1887LLB was the one degree of separation between Mark Twain and Thurgood Marshall.

    Jan/Feb 2024
  • Old Yale

    The stories behind the names

    Fifty years after the Vietnam War, we remember some of the Yale men who died there.

    Nov/Dec 2023
  • Old Yale

    Coach Alice

    Mrs. Walter Camp helped coach three national championship teams at Yale.

    Sep/Oct 2023
  • Old Yale

    A vine mess

    In 1896, a sprig of ivy ignited a controversy about memory and the Civil War.

    Jul/Aug 2023