Student Life

  • Light & Verity

    Shopping period is no more

    The way Yale College students choose courses has changed since the pandemic.

    Jan/Feb 2024
  • Light & Verity

    Sign of the times

    Guess what is the third most popular language taught at Yale?

    Jan/Feb 2024
  • Sporting Life

    Fall sports highlights: 2023

    Yale wins The Game; volleyball and men's soccer win their Ivy tournaments.

    Jan/Feb 2024
  • Scene on Campus

    Jump shot

    Jump rope isn't just for kids--it's a club sport.

    Jan/Feb 2024
  • features

    Song and praise

    For fifty years, Yale's Institute of Sacred Music has nurtured singers, organists, and scholars of the divine.

    Jan/Feb 2024
  • Dan Renzetti


    Slow down and fix things

    The Yale College Opening Assembly Address

    Nov/Dec 2023