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"Golf, travel, family and giving back". Our classy, stunning “top shelf”, VIP Client (5’4”, super slender and fit), wishes to share these passionate interests with a handsome accomplished gentleman 56-68.

We are seeking her Platinumn partner! All inquiries in confidence will be considered. Bio & photo:

info@rherighttimeconsultants.com. 212-627-0121. www.therighttimeconsultants.com

Blonde, 5’7”, super fit, slender, artsy and classy, our VIP Client is seeking a widower or divorced

gentleman 70-80. New York/NJ/CT area. If you are interested in great company, romance, passion, travel and fun conversation.

Info@therighttimeconsultants.com. 212-627-0121.

Northeast Beautiful widow — Our very charming client is a fun loving talented, Ivy-educated lady. She is seeking a well-rounded, fit, confident man in his 60’s with a mix of intellectual, cultural, and

outdoor interests. You have refined tastes but are down-to-earth, generous of heart, and open to a "life of collaboration, joy, and romance.” 60’s.

Inquire: sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com,