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An “eye-catcher”, 5’2” slender and athletic. Our

Ivy MBA executive has lived on the East Coast and

Asia, is multilingual, super upbeat and fun. Seeks a

wonderful man, 54-64, who shares her passion for

life, learning and adventure. Talented in your field,

athletic and fit, you’re excited to find a potential

romantic partner and friend to share the best life

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Our beautiful N.Y. based physician is in her mid 30s and wishes to date selectively! Harvard alum, Master's from London School of Economics, she has a brilliant career as an academic/practitioner. She loves her tennis lessons, family and world travel, and manages a remarkably balanced and healthy life filled with "joy and gratitude." Her future partner is a well-rounded, accomplished intellectually curious man who is 5’8"+, under 47, and open to having children in near future. To find out more, send bio and photo in confidence: sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com or inquire: 212-627-0121.