Yale college

School Notes: Yale College
September/October 2021

New mental health and wellness programs in the residential colleges

In the spring, Yale College dean Marvin Chun and chief of mental health and counseling Paul Hoffman announced two expansions of mental health and wellness support: a new program in Yale College and a staffing increase in the Department of Mental Health and Counseling (MHC). Together, the expansions will add 14 full-time staff positions.

The new program in the residential colleges, Yale College Community Care (YC3), expands mental health and wellness support by devoting eight new full-time staff members to Yale College’s diverse student population. They will be affiliated with specific residential colleges and will be part of each college’s community. Four are licensed clinical psychologists and licensed social workers available for drop-in, confidential clinical care. Four are community wellness specialists who work with students on practical strategies for overall well-being. Mental Health and Counseling is also expanding its staff by adding six new full-time positions at its Lock Street clinic. This increase will make it easier and faster for students seeking therapy and treatment there. 

Both expansions have been made possible by the generous support of anonymous donors and the offices of the president and the provost.

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