Faculty of arts and sciences

Honors for FAS faculty members

Spring 2022 brought with it news of more accolades for the achievements of FAS faculty. Two FAS faculty members have been named Guggenheim fellows for 2022: Daphne Brooks (African American studies, American studies, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, and music), who is recognized for her groundbreaking work on the history of race, music, and performance; and Milan Svolik (political science), a noted expert of authoritarian regimes. 

Three current FAS faculty members have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: pathbreaking experimental particle physicist O. Keith Baker (physics); Richard Gutierrez Bribiescas (anthropology and ecology and evolutionary biology), an authority on endocrinology of human and non-human primates; and Rohini Pande (economics), who has transformed understandings of economic policy in developing nations. Joining them in election is Alison Richard (anthropology, emerita) who served as Yale’s provost and as the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge. 

Meanwhile, Debra Fischer (astronomy), a leading authority on exoplanets, and Donald Engelman ’67PhD (molecular biophysics and biochemistry), whose research reveals new insights about the function of cells, were named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Celebrating retiring faculty

Thirteen long-serving members of the FAS faculty retired during the 2021–22 academic year. Martin Saunders (chemistry) retired after a remarkable 67-year career at Yale. Jeffrey Powell (ecology and evolutionary biology) retires after 50 years. Four retiring colleagues served for over 40 years each: Marshall Long ’80PhD (mechanical engineering and materials science), Lawrence Manley (English), Robert Shiller (economics and management), and Steven Fraade (religious studies). Ruth Koizim ’77PhD (French), Charles Baltay ’63PhD (physics and astronomy), and Ben Kiernan (history) retire following over 30 years of service each. Rounding out the cohort of retiring faculty are Timothy Guinnane (economics), Michael Donoghue (ecology and evolutionary biology), Rod McIntosh ’73 (anthropology), and Alyson Waters (French).  

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