Faculty of arts and sciences

MLA honors faculty

FAS faculty were awarded top prizes and honorable mentions by the Modern Language Association, reflecting the FAS’s strength in literary studies. The winners and prizes are: Katerina Clark ’71PhD (comparative literatures/Slavic languages and literatures), Calinescu Prize for Scholarship in Twentieth- or Twenty-first-century Literature and Thought; Jill Jarvis (French), Scaglione Prize for French and Francophone Studies; Jessica Peritz (music), Scaglione Publication Award for a Manuscript in Italian Studies; and Shane Vogel (African American studies/English), Parker Prize for an outstanding article. Honorable mentions went to Erica Edwards (African American studies/English) for the Lowell Book Prize, and Juno Richards (English) for the Prize for Collaborative, Bibliographical, or Archival Scholarship.

In addition, Tina Lu (East Asian languages and literatures) was elected second vice president of the MLA and will assume the organization’s presidency in 2025.

A new home for economics

The FAS economics department has a new home. A newly constructed building connects two historic houses on Hillhouse Avenue, providing new classrooms and offices and space for the Tobin Center, Cowles Foundation, and Economic Growth Center. While the department was once spread across multiple buildings, the new and renewed spaces are fully connected, inviting collaboration among faculty, staff, and students.

Innovative teaching on climate change

The FAS is home to leading experts on climate change—and they bring that expertise to the classroom through innovative courses. Among those offered in spring 2023 are Karla Neugebauer’s (molecular biophysics and biochemistry) course on how climate change impacts cell reproduction; Juan Lora’s (earth and planetary sciences) class on climate change, ocean, and atmosphere; and Douglas Rogers’s (anthropology) class on the politics of oil production. Deborah Coen (history/history of science and medicine) and Katja Lindskog (humanities/English) offered courses on climate change and knowledge, while Sunil Amrith (history), Ivano Dal Prete (history), and Marion Gehlker (German) each taught classes exploring global histories of climate change and environmental movements.  

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