Faculty of arts and sciences

Faculty win Guggenheims

Six FAS faculty have been granted 2024 Guggenheim Fellowships. Their wide-ranging work exemplifies the FAS’s ambition to broaden the frontiers of knowledge. The honorees are: Ned Blackhawk, Howard R. Lamar Professor of History and of American studies; Marta Figlerowicz, associate professor of English and comparative literature; Elizabeth Hinton, professor of history and African American studies; Tavia Nyong’o ’03PhD, William Lampson Professor of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies and of American studies; Douglas Rogers, professor of anthropology; and Travis Zadeh, professor of religious studies.

Program advances faculty community

In May and June, 60-plus faculty members participated in FAS Faculty Academy—a one-of-a-kind program in which faculty members propose and teach mini-courses and workshops for their colleagues. This year’s courses included an exploration of the Voynich Manuscript led by Claire Bowern, professor of linguistics; introductory German with senior lector II Lieselotte Sippel; Hebrew conversation with senior lector I Dina Roginsky; language pedagogy with Hindi lector Mansi Bajaj; an overview of mosquito-borne illness with Jeffrey Powell, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology; and an introduction to the history of Israel and Palestine, taught by Shiri Goren, senior lector II of Modern Hebrew, and Jonathan Wyrtzen, associate professor of sociology.

FAS faculty elected to fellowships

A group of distinguished FAS faculty members has been elected to national academies and associations in recent months. Nicholas Christakis ’84, Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science, and James Mayer, Charlotte Fitch Roberts Professor of Chemistry, were elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Susan Baserga ’80, ’88MD/PhD; William H. Fleming, professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry; Kia Nobre ’93PhD, Wu Tsai Professor of Psychology; and Hee Oh ’97PhD, Abraham Robinson Professor of Mathematics; were elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Claudia Valeggia, professor of anthropology; Vivian Irish, Daniel C. Eaton Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; and Claire Bowernprofessor of linguistics; were elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.   

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