Graduate school of arts and sciences

Supporting a diverse GSAS community

For the start of the 2022–23 school year, GSAS welcomes 534 new doctoral students and 220 new master’s students. This group represents 54 different countries, 39 US states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico, contributing to the increasing diversity of the Yale GSAS student body. As a world-class research school, Yale GSAS continues to attract talent from across the world and this year 53.7 percent of the incoming graduate students are international students. GSAS also continues to recruit promising undergraduates, with 335 undergraduate institutions represented in the incoming class of graduate students. 

This year, doctoral students will receive a notable stipend increase in response to the rise in New Haven’s cost of living, and to assist students facing particularly challenging circumstances. Starting this fall, doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences will see their stipends increase 14 percent, from $33,600 to $38,300. This substantive increase brings these stipends closer to those in the sciences, which have historically been higher. Meanwhile, the stipends for students in the sciences will increase by 5 percent, with stipends for students in the physical sciences and engineering rising from $36,750 to $38,600. Doctoral students in the biological sciences will see their stipends rise from $38,050 to $40,000. 

Other financial enhancements to graduate students include an increased annual family subsidy for PhD students, with $7,500 for the first child and $2,500 for each additional child. This increase recognizes the challenges students with children face during graduate school and seeks to offset costs caused by childcare and other family expenses. Dean Cooley also announced a new Medical Leave Hardship Fund as an expansion of the Dean’s Emergency Fund, as well as an increase in the GSA Conference Travel Fellowship funds to support student’s research and professional development. 

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