Graduate school of arts and sciences

Prize Teaching Fellows

Nine GSAS students were awarded 2021–22 Prize Teaching Fellowships from the Graduate School and Yale College. This year’s recipients represent a variety of programs within GSAS: Pedro Casavilca Silva (economics); Anna Duensing (African American studies and history); Hugo Havranek (philosophy); Ian Hsu (chemistry); Micah Khater (history and African American studies); Moya Mapps (philosophy); Tyler Myers (chemistry); Kimberly Wong (psychology); and Josh Zimmer (molecular biophysics & biochemistry). Since 1998, Prize Teaching Fellows are nominated by students and supervising faculty members, who are invited to describe the impact PhD students have had in the classroom. The Prize Teaching Fellowship is among the highest honors that Yale bestows on its graduate students. The fellowship is given to PhD students who have left an indelible impression on their undergraduate students and show great promise as educators.

Alumni receive Wilbur Cross medals

Four alumni of the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences received 2022 Wilbur Cross Medals in honor of their outstanding work and service. The Graduate School and the Graduate School Alumni Association annually award the Wilbur Cross Medal to alumni to honor exceptional work in scholarship, public service, teaching, or academic administration. This year’s honorees are anthropologist Virginia Rosa Dominguez ’73, ’79PhD; musical theorist Philip Ewell ’01PhD; paleontologist Kirk Johnson ’89PhD; and geneticist Sarah Tishkoff ’96PhD. The medalists were invited to campus in October to receive their medals and to deliver lectures in their graduate departments.

The Wilbur Cross Medal honors the continued legacy of service and excellence inaugurated by Wilbur Lucius Cross (1889 PhD), who served as dean of the Graduate School from 1916 to 1930, and later as governor of Connecticut from 1930 to 1939. The award is the highest honor that the Yale Graduate School bestows on its alumni.

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