Graduate school of arts and sciences

GSAS awards outstanding mentorship

The Graduate Mentor Award recognizes faculty members who are exceptional in fostering the intellectual, professional, and personal development of their students. Originally developed in conjunction with the Graduate Student Assembly, the graduate school’s student government, the awards began in 2000 and are the university’s principal recognition for superb teaching, advising, and mentoring of graduate students. This year’s winners are: Sreeganga Chandra, associate professor of neurology and neuroscience at Yale School of Medicine; Jennifer Allen, associate professor of history in Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS); Marynel Vázquez, assistant professor of computer science at the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science; and Grace Kao, the IBM Professor of Sociology and professor of ethnicity, race, and migration at FAS. 

Celebrating extraordinary teaching

Ten PhD students from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences have been named Prize Teaching Fellows for the 2023–2024 academic year: Camille Angelo ’18MAR, ’25PhD (religious studies), Carissa Chan ’24PhD (microbiology), Grayson Hoy ’29PhD (chemistry), Nghiem Huynh ’24PhD (economics), Kimberly Lifton ’27PhD (medieval studies), Benjamin Schafer ’27PhD (history), Jillian Stallman ’26PhD (economics), Audrey Tjahjadi ’27PhD (anthropology), Alexa Williams ’27PhD (chemistry), and Novak Yang ’27PhD (immunobiology). The Graduate School has awarded the teaching prizes annually since 2000. Recipients are nominated by their undergraduate students and the faculty members they assist while serving as teaching fellows. The Prize Teaching Fellows all demonstrated innovative and engaging ways of making complex ideas accessible and exciting to their students.

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