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School Notes: Yale Divinity School
September/October 2023

Gregory E. Sterling | http://divinity.yale.edu

YDS project spotlighted at international conference

The Divinity School’s Living Village took center stage at the Living Future 2023 conference, held in Washington, DC, in May. Dean Greg Sterling introduced the groundbreaking project to architects, environmental policymakers, materials scientists, and related specialists at the marquee conference of the Seattle-based International Living Future Institute, which oversees the Living Building Challenge—the stringent green-building certification that the Living Village is on track to receive. YDS is scheduled to break ground in October on the Living Village, a student residence hall that will give back to the environment more than it takes. Sterling told attendees that the Divinity School has committed to regenerative design for the facility to demonstrate universities’ roles as incubators of generation-defining solutions while showing America’s churchgoers “that an environmental crisis is a moral crisis.” Learn more about the Living Village.

Seeking closer dialogue between study of religion and other disciplines

Teresa Morgan, the inaugural McDonald Agape Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, grew up in a “very churchy” English home that was also a very academic one. To some that might sound like a clash of cultures. But Morgan—a year into her Yale career following two decades at Oxford—has moved freely between those two spheres since childhood. Today the dynamic defines her life’s work: the effort to bring about an ever-closer dialogue between the study of religion and other disciplines, ensuring that her scholarship and her faith nourish each other with intellectual integrity and heart. “Faith and intellectual life are in a creative and evolving dialogue,” Morgan says. “Ever since my student days I’ve been looking for ways to converge my life-steering sense of the divine and my equally life-steering academic interests.” A full profile of Morgan is available on the YDS website.

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