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School Notes: Yale Divinity School
March/April 2024

Gregory E. Sterling | http://divinity.yale.edu

New course to offer certificate in youth ministry leadership

Yale Divinity School is introducing its first-ever online certificate program: a nine-month, cohort-based course in youth ministry leadership in which participants will learn from faculty and staff of YDS and other leading institutions and the Yale Youth Ministry Institute (YMI) network of experts and practitioners. “We believe that bringing together the scholarship of our faculty and the expertise of those working in the field of youth formation can be transformative for both the certificate program participants and the youth in their care,” Dean Greg Sterling said. 

According to a Springtide Institute report on mental health, 47 percent of young people say they are moderately or extremely depressed, and 61 percent state that the adults in their lives don’t realize how much they are struggling with their mental health. Youth ministry leaders are on the front lines of helping young people deal with these mental health struggles. “Many churches are overworked and under-resourced, particularly when it comes to youth faith formation,” YMI director Jill Olds said. “Our hope is that our new program will provide resources to those in the field of youth ministry, especially those without any prior formal theological training.”

The program will launch in September. 

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