Light & Verity


"Now, this paper was about fifty pages long. And there were extensive footnotes citing French, German, and Italian material. . . . Clearly, then, it wasn't the kind of thing an 18-year-old could have written—even one who spoke a little French. Once again, though, I got an 'A.' Either Betty was too stupid to recognize the larceny (my assumption at the time), or—having recognized it—too lazy to bring me up on charges. Or too indifferent. Or too kind. Or maybe, I now realize, she never read it."

—Literary critic and University of Iowa English professor Kevin Kopelson ’79, in the May 22 London Review of Books, describing the time he submitted a graduate-school paper, written by his brother, for an undergraduate music class at Yale. ("Betty" is a pseudonym for his Yale professor.)

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