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Books by Yale authors

Rebeca Antoine ’99, editor
Voices Rising: Stories from the Katrina Narrative Project
University of New Orleans Press, $12.95

Emily C. Bartels 79
Speaking of the Moor: From Alcazar to Othello
University of Pennsylvania Press, $55.00

Robert Begam 49, 52LLB
Long Life? Journey Into the Unknown World of Cryonics: A Courtroom Thriller
Durban House Press, $15.95

Reid Buckley 83, 89MPPM
An American Family: The Buckleys
Simon and Schuster, $28.00

David Burke 58
Writers in Paris: Literary Lives in the City of Light
Counterpoint, $32.50

James P. Carse 57BD, 63STM
The Religious Case Against Belief
Penguin Press, $24.95

Stephen L. Carter 79JD, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law
Palace Council: A Novel
Alfred A. Knopf, $26.95

Steve Courtney 70
Joseph Hopkins Twichell: The Life and Times of Mark Twain's Closest Friend
University of Georgia Press, $32.95

William D'Antonio 48 and Anthony Pogorelc
Voices of the Faithful: Loyal Catholics Striving for Change
Crossroad Publishing Company, $24.95

Stewart Davenport 01PhD
Friends of the Unrighteous Mammon: Northern Christians and Market Capitalism, 1815-1860
University of Chicago Press, $45.00

Mario S. De Pillis 61PhD and  Christian Goodwillie
Gather Up the Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection
Yale University Press, $75.00

Daniel L. Duke 69
The Little School System That Could: Transforming a City School District
SUNY Press, $56.50

Paul Fisher 93PhD
House of Wits: An Intimate Portrait of the James Family
Henry Holt, $35.00

Paul H. Fry, the William Lampson Professor of English
Wordsworth and the Poetry of What We Are
Yale University Press, $55.00

Philip Galanes 84, 91JD
Emma's Table: A Novel
HarperCollins, $23.95

Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, the Peter V. and C. Vann Woodward Professor of History
Defying Dixie: The Radical Roots of Civil Rights, 1919-1950
W. W. Norton, $39.95

David Singh Grewal 02JD
Network Power: The Social Dynamics of Globalization
Yale University Press, $30.00

Jeffrey F. Hamburger 79, 87PhD, and Susan Marti, editors
Crown and Veil: Female Monasticism from the Fifth to the Fifteenth Centuries
Columbia University Press, $40.00

Robert V. Hine 52PhD
I Have Seen the Fire: A Novel Inspired by the Life of Sarah Royce
University of New Mexico Press, $17.95

Ron Leshnower 94
Every Landlord's Property Protection Guide: 10 Steps to Cut Your Risk Now
Nolo, $29.99

Timothy D. Lytton 87, 91JD
Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy Sexual Abuse
Harvard University Press, $35.00

Stephen R. MacKinnon 63, 64MA
Wuhan, 1938: War, Refugees, and the Making of Modern China
University of California Press, $39.95

William Nordhaus 63, the Sterling Professor of Economics
A Question of Balance: Weighing the Options on Global Warming Policies
Yale University Press, $28.00

David A. Paul 77
When the Pot Boils: The Decline and Turnaround of Drexel University
SUNY Press, $60.00

Clark V. Poling 61
Andre Masson and the Surrealist Self
Yale University Press, $50.00

Anna Rubino 02PhD
Queen of the Oil Club: The Intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the Power of Information
Beacon Press, $29.95

Susan M. Schultz 80
Dementia Blog
Singing Horse Press, $15.00

John Schulz 67
The Financial Crisis of Abolition
Yale University Press, $55.00

Stuart B. Schwartz, the George Burton Adams Professor of History
All Can Be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World
Yale University Press, $50.00

Christina Schwarz 84, 86MA
So Long at the Fair: A Novel
Random House, $24.95

Ian Shapiro 83PhD,  87JD, the Sterling Professor of Political Science; Peter A. Swenson 86PhD, the Saden Professor of Political Science; and Daniela Donno, doctoral candidate in political science; editors
Divide and Deal: The Politics of Distribution in Democracies
New York University Press, $39.00

Eugene Thamon Simpson 53MusB, 54MusM
Hall Johnson: His Life, His Spirit, and His Music
Scarecrow Press, $75.00

Timothy Snyder, Professor of History
The Red Prince: The Secret Lives of a Habsburg Archduke
Basic Books, $27.95

Mark Tushnet 71JD, 71MA, editor
I Dissent: Great Opposing Opinions in Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Beacon Press, $16.00

Alexander Walsh, the Emily Sanford Professor of English Literature Emeritus
What Is Honor? A Question of Moral Imperative
Yale University Press, $38.00

Rachel Wheeler, 98PhD
To Live Upon Hope: Mohicans and Missionaries in the Eighteenth-Century Northeast
Cornell University Press, $45.00

Vladimir Wozniuk 82MAR, editor and translator
Freedom, Faith, and Dogma: Essays by V. S. Soloviev on Christianity and Judaism
SUNY Press, $70.00

The Yale Daily News Staff
The Insider's Guide to the Colleges: 2009, 35th Edition
St. Martin's Press, $21.99

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