Commencement sticker shock

A guide to some of the expenses associated with graduating.

Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

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Commencement may represent a kind of freedom, but it isn't exactly free.

1) $50 for priority seat, $25 for general admission.

2) Estimate for a store-bought novelty hat. Getting creative can be cheaper and more fun.

3) $115 for Veuve Clicquot champagne from the Wine Thief, $3.29 for sparkling cider from Stop & Shop.

4) $45 for bouquet from Geraldine, $3 for gerbera daisy from Gourmet Heaven.

5) $300 for three days at New Haven's best restaurants, $180 if you eat in dining halls when possible.

6) Umbrella: $39.50 from J. Crew, $8 from News Haven.

7) $20 for the ticket, $200 for a new outfit.

8) $857 to purchase PhD cap, gown, and hood; $57 to rent.

9) $160 with Yale medallion, $145 without.

10) $77 for DVD, $62 for VHS.

11) $18 for 8 personalized announcements, $12 if you get out your calligraphy pen.

12) $515 for 18K gold, $279 for Celestrium stainless steel.

13) $1575 for three deluxe nights at The Study, a luxury hotel; $140 for on-campus housing 

14) $750 for share of condo rental at Myrtle Beach with friends, $2.50 for round trip on G bus to Lighthouse Point Park.

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