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A major donor to the Yale baseball program is being sued by stockholders of a company he ran, over allegations that company executives overstated revenue and profited from insider trading. John D. Mazzuto ’70 endowed the baseball head coaching position and funded a new practice field, both of which are named for him and his family. He was chief executive officer of Industrial Enterprises of America in 2007, when the company’s stock plummeted after accounting improprieties were revealed. President Richard Levin told the Yale Daily News that the university is looking into Mazzuto’s gift and “will do whatever is the right thing” when the investigation is complete.


More free online courses—ranging from Freshman Organic Chemistry to The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food—have been added to the Open Yale Courses series, which feature complete lectures from Yale College courses. All 25 courses are available at


Dwight Hall is staying put for the foreseeable future. The university’s umbrella group for public service was slated to move from its eponymous building on the Old Campus to 143 Elm Street on the Green, but renovations to the latter building are on hold in accordance with the university’s freeze on non-donor-funded construction projects. The Chaplain’s office, whose staff members were looking forward to their own move into Dwight Hall’s old building, will have to continue making do with the Bingham Hall basement.


With Mory’s closed until next summer at the earliest, an upstart bar is offering its own version of Mory’s famous cups—silver trophy cups filled with variously colored alcoholic punches for communal drinking. The Black Bear Saloon at Temple and Crown streets is serving cups for $28, but the Yale Daily News complained that the Black Bear’s cups “lack the wear of age” and are “noticeably smaller than the originals.”  

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