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Reused, Rebound, Recovered: Medieval Manuscript Fragments in Law Book Bindings

Lillian Goldman Law Library

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, bookbinders commonly cut up discarded medieval manuscripts and reused the sturdy parchment to make bindings. A display of books in the Yale Law Library that incorporate visible manuscript fragments reflects the diversity of medieval material in the library’s bindings.
Through May 31.


Compass & Rule: Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England, 1500–1750

Center for British Art

Nearly 100 drawings, paintings, printed books and manuscripts, maps, and unique mathematical instruments make up this exhibition, which illustrates the changing role of architects during the period. 
Through May 30.


Commencement Concert

Yale Glee Club

The 80-voice Glee Club wraps up the school year with its traditional commencement concert in Sprague Memorial Hall. For tickets, contact the Glee Club office. 
May 22, 8:00 p.m.


Invented Bodies: Shapely Constructs of the Early Modern

Whitney Humanities Center

An exhibition of printed and hand-colored maps, portraits, illustrations, and pages from architectural treatises explores the ways in which early modern Europeans made sense of their changing world. 
Through June 25.

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