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A class of their own

The largest courses in Yale College by enrollment, 2009–10, with student comments from online course evaluations.

457 (students)

Psychology 110b
Introduction to Psychology
Marvin Chun

“Chun . . . transforms some traditionally dry subjects of intro psych into fascinating, humorous lectures with fantastic examples and class participation. People stand and clap at the end of his lectures.”



Economics 115a
Introduction to Microeconomics
Steven Berry

“Huge lecture, and can get dull, but it’s stuff you ought to know, and Prof. Berry does everything in his power to make it interesting.”



History 261a
The Cold War
John Lewis Gaddis

“Fifty years from now, this is one of the few courses I’ll still remember.”



History of Art 115b
History of Western Art, Renaissance to the Present
Alexander Nemerov

“At the end of every lecture, I sat in transcendent rapture for about a minute, letting the implications of his lectures sink in.”



Cognitive Science 110a
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Brian Scholl

“It can be easy to stop paying attention to what Scholl’s saying in the long lectures, because you’re thinking about the cool cognitive sciencey things you’ve already learned.”



Philosophy 179a
Shelly Kagan

“Discussion and lecture can sometimes be a bit scattered, but if you’re someone who enjoys bull sessions about the meaning of life anyway it won’t feel like work.”  

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