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Just one of those flings

Mark Ostow

Mark Ostow

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Every year, one month before the Old Campus hosts the stately processions of commencement, the quad is transformed into a miniature rock festival for Yale undergrads—complete with crowds of raucous dancers, a row of busy portable toilets, and hot dogs and potato chips. This year’s Spring Fling, on April 27, featured the Ying Yang Twins (with D-Roc, at left in photo), Matt and Kim, Mike Posner, and MGMT. The reaction to this year’s show was mixed: some said the Ying Yang Twins’ lyrics were misogynistic and offensive; others complained that headliner MGMT’s performance was mellower than expected and included few of their better-known songs. Still, students voted with their feet. The dancing continued well into the night, lit by stage lights and glow sticks. 

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