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The clinic formerly known as DUH

Phil Handler/Fly on the Wall Productions

Phil Handler/Fly on the Wall Productions

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As it moves into a new building this fall, the 33,000-member entity that provides health care to Yale students, faculty, and staff would also like you to get used to a new name: Yale HEALTH (block capitals included, please). Although it's officially been known as University Health Services since 1971, students still haven't let go of the wry acronym DUH, which long ago stood for Department of University Health. Whatever they call it, staff and patients will now enjoy a larger and more up-to-date building north of the Grove Street Cemetery. But even if Yale HEALTH manages to put DUH behind it, it may still have to endure some mockery: in May, local architect and columnist Duo Dickinson likened the building's black exterior to Darth Vader. May the force be with them. 

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