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Let it snow

It's been a long, snowy winter in New Haven. Take January: by month's end 42 inches of the white stuff had landed on campus, compared with a typical snowfall of about 8½—busting Yale's snow-removal budget and forcing those who ventured out post-blizzard to scale chest-high snowbanks between street and sidewalk. Even President Levin commented on the seasonal bounty. "I've been here for almost 40 years, and in my memory this is the most snow we've had since 1978," he told the Yale Daily News.

Julie Brown

Julie Brown

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The explosion of snow, ice, and slush led to a profusion of rubber boots, backed-up traffic, and talk of "snowpocalypse"—but also picturesque views, snowball fights, tray sledding at the div school, and an igloo in Silliman College's courtyard. For Stephanie Wagner '13 and Holly Rippon-Butler '12, there was also the rare opportunity to ski down an abandoned York Street. 

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