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Grad student’s killer sentenced to 44 years

As expected, former Yale animal-lab technician Raymond Clark III was sentenced to 44 years in prison on June 3 for the murder and attempted sexual assault of graduate student Annie Le (“Guilty Plea in Grad Student’s Murder,” May/June).Clark, 26, pleaded guilty to the crimes, which took place in September 2009 in a Yale lab building. At the sentencing, Clark read a statement acknowledging “full responsibility” but not explaining his actions. “I’m sorry I lied,” he said. “I’m sorry I ruined lives, and I’m sorry for taking Annie Le’s life.” Le’s family also spoke at the hearing. “I will never see all of Annie’s dreams come true,” her mother, Vivian Le, said. “Her future is gone; her life is gone. … Our family has lost a beautiful soul.”


DOE says Yale underreported campus crime

In May, the U.S. Department of Education cited Yale for underreporting campus crimes in 2001 and 2002 in violation of the Jeanne Clery Act. The findings are the result of an investigation sparked by a 2004 Yale Alumni Magazine article(“Lux, Veritas, and Sexual Trespass,” July/August 2004). DOE said Yale failed to report four forcible sexual offenses; failed to keep adequate internal records; did not report crimes to the university community in a timely manner; and defined its campus boundaries too narrowly when reporting crimes. The department said that the problems it cited have mostly been corrected in the intervening years. The penalty for the violations could include a fine or a reduction of Yale’s federal student aid. 


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