Scene on Campus

Break time

Every May, party-loving Yale College seniors decamp en masse to South Carolina during the gap between finals and graduation. This year, the best estimate is that several hundred Yalies colonized North Myrtle Beach—the destination of choice—for a retreat of tanning and boozing.

Jessie Gladin-Kramer

Jessie Gladin-Kramer

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Days were filled with beach time and the occasional dip in the hot tub. At night, it was greasy seafood at the Duffy Street Seafood Shack and dancing until 4 a.m. in the Spanish Galleon, a local club. (The Yalies, in homage to New Haven’s Toad’s, like to call it “Spoad’s.”)

For a few days, seniors partied and reminisced. Then it was back to New Haven for commencement—and on to whatever was coming next.

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