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Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us
Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman ’05
John Wiley and Sons, $25.95

Someone else’s cell phone conversation. Bad smells. Clouds of insects. Fingernails on a chalkboard. “Everyone is annoyed by something,” write science journalists Palca and Lichtman. In this look across scientific disciplines—acoustics, psychology, linguistics, and more—the authors probe why everyday irritants get under our skin. Unfortunately, understanding the underpinnings of annoyance does little to prevent it. For that, the authors counsel patience, perspective, and, when appropriate, earplugs.


The Honored Dead: A Story of Friendship, Murder, and the Search for Truth in the Arab World
Joseph Braude ’96
Spiegel and Grau, $26

Three years ago, journalist Braude got an unprecedented opportunity to spend four months with a crack detective unit of the Moroccan police. His goal: to observe “how a government and its people conspire to become a society.” In an account that marries travelogue with true crime, Braude is swept up in a murder investigation that exposes both the promise and contradictions of the country.


When Wall Street Met Main Street: The Quest for an Investors’ Democracy
Julia C. Ott ’07PhD
Harvard University Press, $35

Since this country began, most Americans “viewed financial securities, the individuals who traded bonds and stocks, and the private associations (like the NYSE) that administered securities exchanges as antithetical to their most cherished economic ideals, political values, and savings practices.” Historian Ott offers a richly illustrated chronicle of how this changed in the 1920s—a cautionary tale for our own time.


The Central Park Five: A Chronicle of a City Wilding
Sarah Burns ’04
Alfred A. Knopf, $25.95

The grisly rape and attempted murder of white investment banker Trisha Meili in New York City’s Central Park in 1989 horrified the nation. But the five young African American and Latino men convicted of the crime would later—much later—be exonerated when DNA and a confession linked the crime to another man. Author Burns worked with the civil rights attorneys who sued the city; she explores how the rush to judgment happened and what it says about our so-called post-racial society.


Smart Medicine: How the Changing Role of Doctors Will Revolutionize Health Care
William Hanson MD ’77
Palgrave Macmillan, $26

With smartphones that can serve as electronic speech pathologists and telemedicine connections that enable doctors to use their skills anywhere around the world, science fiction is becoming standard practice for today’s doctors. Hanson, a critical care physician, examines how the tools of the information technology revolution are transforming medicine and providing “the opportunity to reengineer the ways that we practice and consume medical care.”


Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went from Street Corner to Corner Office
Zack O’Malley Greenburg ’07
Portfolio Penguin, $25.95

“I’m not a businessman—I’m a business, man,” said hip-hop superstar and entrepreneur Jay-Z. He wasn’t exaggerating. Last year, he “earned more than all but seven CEOs in the country,” including Michael Dell and Ralph Lauren, notes business writer Greenburg. In this profile of an artist who’s “gone from peddling cocaine to running multimillion-dollar companies,” Greenburg shows how Jay-Z pulled off a modern version of the classic American success story.


More books by Yale authors

Clayton P. Alderfer ’62, ’66PhD
The Practice of Organizational Diagnosis: Theory and Methods
Oxford University Press, $55.00

Getty T. Ambau ’77
Desta and King Solomon’s Coin of Magic and fortune
Falcon Press International, $24.00

Elijah Anderson, Professor of Department of Sociology
The Cosmopolitan Canopy: Race and Civility in Everyday Life
W. W. Norton & Company, $25.95

John C. Armor ’64
These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls: America—Then and Now in the Words of Tom Paine
American Civil Rights Union, $15.00

George W. Arnett lll ’84
Global Securities Markets: Navigating the World’s Exchanges and OTC Markets
Wiley, $60.00

Jack M. Balkin, Professor Law School
Constitutional Redemption: Political Faith in an Unjust World
Harvard University Press, $35.00

Yael T. Ben-Zion ’01LL.M, ’04 JSD & Joanna Lehan
5683 miles away
Kehrer Verlag, $45.00

Tomiko Brown-Nagin ’97JD
Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement
Oxford University Press, $34.95

Amy Chazkel ’02PhD
Laws of Chance: Brazil’s Clandestine Lottery and the Making of Urban Public Life
University of Duke Press, $24.95

Edith W. Clowes ’81PhD
Russia on the Edge: Imagined Geographies and Post-Soviet Identity
Cornell University Press, $24.95

Ken Davies ’50
American Realist, $60

Nina Eliasoph ’82
Making Volunteers: Civic Life after Welfare’s End (Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology)
University of Princeton Press, $39.50

Marc Freedman ’84
The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife
Public Affairs, $24.99

Deborah Freedman ’82
Blue Chicken
Viking Children’s Book, $15.99

Lara Galinsky & Kelly Nuxoll ’98
Work on Purpose
Echoing Green, $9.95

Lev Grossman ’97 MPhil
The Magician King
Viking Books, $26.95

Lev Grossman ’97 MPhil
The Magicians
Viking Books, $16

John R. Hall ’68
Apocalypse: From Antiquity to the Empire of Modernity
Polity, $24.00

Hannibal Hamlin ’00PhD, Norman W. Jones ’94
The King James Bible after Four Hundred Years: Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences
Cambridge University Press, $39.99

Rainer Maria Rilke, Mark Harman ’76, ’80PhD
Letters to a Young Poet
Harvard University Press, $15.95

Charles Hill, Professor International & Area Studies
Grand Strategies: Literature, Statecraft, and World Order
Yale University Press, $18

John Jagger ’54PhD
Science and the Religious Right: What Americans Should Know About Both
iUniverse Star, $20.95

Kimberly Jannarone ’96MFad, ’00DFad
Artaud and His Doubles (Theater:Theory/Text/Performance)
University of Michigan Press, $55

Philip Avery Johnson ’63BA
Introduction to Internet Protocols: their architecture, their protocols and their features
iUniverse, $9.95

Kate Kaynak ’93
Ganzfield: The first Three Books: Minder, Adversary, Legacy
Spencer Hill Press, $12.99

Brian Klopotek ’94
Recognition Odysseys: Indigeneity, Race, and Federal Tribal Recognition Policy in Three Louisiana Indian Communities (Narrating Native Histories)
Duke University Press, $24.95

David E. Koskoff ’61, ’64LLB
The Senator from Central Casting: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Thomas J. Dodd
New American Political Press, $14.95

Carrie M. Lane ’05PhD
A Company of One: Insecurity, Independence, and the New World of White-Collar Unemployment
Cornell University Press, $59.95

George F. Lau ’90, ’01PhD
A Fresh Expression on the Recuay
University of Iowa Press, $39.95

Ted Ledbetter ’61
BodyPilot, $60

Andrew J. Lewis ’01MA, ’01PhD
A Democracy of Facts: Natural History in the Early Republic
University of Pennsylvania Press, $39.95

Joe Palca & Flora Lichtman ’05
Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us
Wiley, $29.95

Karl Marlantes ’67
What It Is Like to Go to War
Atlantic Monthly Press, $25.95

Glenn Anthony May ’66, ’75PhD
Sonny Montes and the Mexican American Activism in Oregon
Oregon State University Press, $24.95

Mary S. Mazzacane ’47Musb
Music Education through Puppetry
Keynote Publishing, $34.95

Ken McAdams ’58
Bon Courage: Rediscovering the Art of Living in the Heart of France
Moyer Bell, $22.95

David McCullough ’55, ’98LITTD
The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
Simon & Schuster Trade, $37.5

Jefferson M. Morley ’80
Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA
University Press of Kansas, $24.95

Michelle Nickerson ’03 & Darren Dochuk
Sunbelt Rising: The Politics of Space, Place, and Region (Politics and Culture in Modern America)
University of Pennsylvania Press, $32.5

Joseph M. Ortiz ’95
Broken Harmony: Shakespeare and the Politics of Music
Cornell University Press, $45.00

Wayne Pacelle ’87
The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them
William Morrow, $26.99

Brian J. Peterson ’05PhD
Islamization from Below: The Making of Muslim communities in rural French Sudan 1880–1960
Yale University Press, $45

Helen Phillips ’04
And Yet They Were Happy
Leapfrog Press,$14.95

James Proud ’56LLB
John Woolman and the Affairs of Truth
Inner Light Books, $45

Deborah L. Rhode ’74, ’77JD
The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law
Oxford University Press, $17.95

Neil Rolde ’53
O. Murray Carr
Tilbury House Publishers, $15.00

Susan Scutti ’82
The Commute
Paper Kite Press, $15.00

Jamie Singleton ’78
Standard Deviation
Pillar Capital Associates, $24.95

Daniel L. Segal, Sara Honn Qualls & Michael A. Smyer ’72
Aging and Mental Health (Understanding Aging)
Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, $39.95

Daniel J. Solove ’97
Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security
Yale University Press, $25.00

Robert Sussler ’49
A Brain’s Battle Against a Stroke: My Recovery Combines My Memories of Dad’s Approach with Medicine Today
Author House, $23.99

Daphne Uviller ’93
Hotel No Tell
Bantam Books, $15

Garry Wills ’59MA, ’61PhD
Verdi’s Shakespeare—Men of the Theater
Penquin Group,$25.95

W. Rosser Wilson ’60
Otto Danish-American
Barringer Publishing, $16.95


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