Commencement 2011

Under cloudy skies, Yale celebrated more than 3,100 graduates. We talked to a few—and checked out their ever more creative mortarboards.

Mark Ostow

Mark Ostow

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Maureen Guiney
Teaneck, New Jersey
MSN, School of Nursing

What' s been the most memorable clinical experience you've had here?

I think my first clinical rotation. It was the third week of school. I was assigned a patient who was a new paraplegic. It was just kind of where the rubber hit the road. It was the first day of nursing, but it was the real thing. It was hard, but I think I knew it was what I wanted to do; it was pretty evident that I liked being at the bedside.

Was that a relief to you?

No, I think I always knew I'd love it. But it was still really scary.

Is nursing what you expected?

No. It's much better. It's the rarest opportunity to work with people at such a vulnerable time. I think people don't realize what a gift it is to work with people. You're allowed into people's lives when they're the most desperate, and you're afforded an opportunity to help them.