Arts & Culture


Nature’s Own Shape: Embroidery in Early Modern England
Sterling Memorial Library

This senior project of Bea Koch ’12 focuses on the practice of embroidery in sixteenth-century England, a time when most professional embroiderers were men and the craft was evolving from predominantly religious purpose to domestic use.

Through December 16


Gertrude Bell in Mesopotamia: Archaeologist, Arabist, Diplomat, Spy
Whitney Humanities Center

Letters, maps, books, intelligence reports, and photographs document the life of Gertrude Bell, considered the most accomplished European Arabist of the early twentieth century.

Through December 16


From Legal Pads to iPads: An Exhibition of Great Yale Legal Scholarship
Lillian Goldman Law Library

A sampling of Yale faculty legal writings celebrates the launching of the Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository, an online open-access website containing nearly all past and present legal scholarship by Yale Law faculty.

Through December 22


X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out
Peabody Museum of Natural History

A display of 40 x-rays of different fish, arranged in evolutionary sequence, provides a photographic tour of fish evolution, while interpretive panels describe how the study of fish skeletons, spines, and teeth helps scientists differentiate species.

Through January 8, 2012


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