Light & Verity

Jenga and java

Alcohol-free entertainment for students.

Christopher Capozziello

Christopher Capozziello

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Every weekend on the Old Campus, in the midst of students headed to frat parties, dance clubs, and other revelry, the University Chaplain’s office hosts a quieter alternative. On Friday and Saturday between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., 100 to 200 undergraduates stop by the Global Grounds coffeehouse in the Dwight Hall common room for an alcohol-free interlude of snacks, board games, catching up with friends, or studying. For Anastasiya Salova ’15 (left) and Colleen McDermott ’15, who came to play Jenga on a recent Friday night, Global Grounds is a fun alternative to the party scene. Says McDermott, with a laugh, “We prefer drinking tea to drinking.”

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