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Much ado about Shakespeare

Celebrating the Bard every day this semester.

Illustration by Michael Sloan.

Illustration by Michael Sloan.

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Good news for Shakespeare fans at Yale this semester: the winter of their discontent will be made glorious summer by an ambitious plan to celebrate the Bard during every day of the term. The Shakespeare at Yale program features performances and films of the playwright's works, concerts and exhibitions of music and art from his era, and lectures and conversations about him. English professor David Kastan came up with the idea for the Shakespeare semester in 2008, not long after coming to Yale and finding himself "constantly amazed at the resources that were here." He pitched the plan to President Levin in a 3 a.m. e-mail; by 6 a.m., the president had fired back "great idea," and the rest is Elizabethan history. Find the calendar of events online at  

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