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Retired “swing space” will be Law School dorms.

Michael Marsland

Michael Marsland

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Once upon a time, the Sterling Law Building included student housing, but the last of those rooms were taken over for use as office space in 2007. By 2019, however, the Law School will again have a place for budding attorneys to lay their heads. With a $25 million gift from Robert Baker ’56, ’59LLB, and his wife Christina, the school will remodel the 15-year-old “swing dorm” at 100 Tower Parkway for residential, office, and classroom use. The building, which contains 108 two-bedroom suites with private bathrooms and kitchenettes, was built to house undergrads while their residential colleges were being renovated—a project that was completed in 2012. The building will be called Robert C. and Christina Baker Hall after its renovation.

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