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Rhodes application gets more inquisitive

In 2012, during a controversy over whether Yale quarterback Patrick Witt ’12 had withdrawn from his Rhodes Scholarship interview because of an accusation of sexual assault (“Yale, the Rhodes, and the Quarterback,” March/April 2012), it was revealed that he had been arrested twice on minor charges of disorderly behavior, once while a student at the University of Nebraska and once after he transferred to Yale. At the time, Yale’s internal applications for the Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships asked students only if they had “a Yale disciplinary record.” But the applications now go further, asking about disciplinary records at any school, university, or program; any arrests or criminal charges; and “any other issues that might impact your personal reputation.”

More sanctions over faculty affair

Further repercussions from the scandal surrounding Yale Egyptologist John Coleman Darnell (“Professor Suspended over Affair with Student,” March/April) were revealed in August when the Yale Daily News published details from an e-mail to faculty in the Near Eastern languages and civilizations department from acting chair Eckart Frahm. (The Yale Alumni Magazine has since reviewed the e-mail.) In response to a complaint by graduate students that Darnell’s relationship with former student and fellow Egyptologist Colleen Manassa ’01, ’05PhD, created a “hostile environment,” Darnell’s one-year unpaid suspension has been extended to fall 2014, and he will be prohibited from holding administrative posts until 2023. Manassa cannot hold an administrative post until 2018.

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