Arts & Culture


The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls
Yale Repertory Theatre
(203) 432-1234

Twenty-year-old Annie goes back to Russia in search of her roots and discovers a homeland that has more in common with tales of wicked stepmothers and evil witches than she’d ever imagined.

January 31 through February 22


Mozart: Mass in C minor
Philharmonia Orchestra of Yale
(203) 432-4158

The Yale Philharmonia in performance with the Yale Choral Artists and the Yale Baroque Ensemble at Morse Recital Hall. Free admission.

February 8, 8:00 pm


Sculpture by Nicola Hicks
Center for British Art
(203) 432-2800

Life-size animal forms created by British sculptor Nicola Hicks, MBE, are on display alongside works from the center’s permanent collection, including some important British animal paintings.

Through March 9


A Great Crowd Had Gathered: JFK in the 1960s
University Art Gallery
(203) 432-0600

A display of photographs from the 1960s focuses on John F. Kennedy through the eyes of his supporters and mourners.

Through March 30


From Mercury to Earth? A Meteorite Like No Other
Peabody Museum of Natural History
(203) 432-5050

A meteorite fragment, believed to be a piece of the planet Mercury, is the centerpiece of an exhibit on the solar system’s smallest planet.

Through September 2

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