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Binge drinking is unusually common in Yale College, according to a recent report by the college dean’s office. Sixty-two percent of Yale undergrads who drink said in surveys that they engaged in binge drinking—five drinks or more in an evening for men, four or more for women. The national average is around 50 percent. The dean’s office announced a set of initiatives to reduce campus drinking.


Poisoned zebra fish are at the center of a lawsuit against the university filed in February. Magdalena Koziol, a former postdoctoral fellow in genetics at the School of Medicine, was studying the fish in the lab of Professor Antonio Giraldez when another postdoc sabotaged her research by poisoning the fish. The postdoc was dismissed, but Koziol says Yale and Giraldez did not do enough to rectify the situation and prevented her from discussing it; Yale says the suit is “factually distorted and legally baseless.”


The term bill for a year at Yale College is going up 4 percent next year, to $59,800. But just around half of undergrads will pay that much: 52 percent of students currently receive financial aid, with an average award of about $41,000 per year.


You took the course, now see the play: a Brooklyn theater staged a production this spring based on philosophy professor Shelly Kagan’s course Death, which is available on Open Yale Courses. PHIL. 176 / OBIT, by Daniel Fish and Andrew Dinwiddie, combined readings of all 26 of Kagan’s lectures with readings of newspaper obituaries.

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