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How to tell Yalies about yourself

Our expanded website lets you share news online in a Yale-only forum.

Dear Yale alumni and alumnae,

Allow me to introduce you to your new website. At, we’ve added a variety of new features keyed to Yale alumni. Here are a few:

Real-time alumni notes

Have you had a baby? Moved? Written a book? Run into old Yale friends? Post your news and photos on our Alumni Notes site—for alumni only. This is for alumni of all Yale schools. Sign up at (And don’t worry: Yale College class notes will keep appearing in print!)

You can choose which notes to read. When you sign in, our site will ask for your interests and Yale affiliations. You’ll be able to use them as filters—or pick other filters. You can read notes from, say, attorneys, artists, Yale swimmers, alumni in your city, the classes just before and after yours… The list goes on.

Archived alumni notes

All Yale College Class Notes from the print magazine—the Secretaries’ Columns—are archived back to 1997. To read them, sign up at Then click on Alumni Notes at the top of the page and go to Secretaries’ Columns. You’ll be able to choose any class year.

You can also search the entire Secretaries’ Columns archive for your friends’ names. Or your own. (You may be surprised.)

Alumni events

We post listings of events for Yale alumni taking place around the world. Click on “Events” at the top of the homepage. You’ll be taken to a page where you can search for “San Francisco,” “Hong Kong,” “06520,” or anywhere else you (and other Yale alumni) happen to be.

Are you throwing a party or staging a concert and want to invite Yale alumni? Post your event. To suggest an event, roll your cursor over “Events” at the top of the homepage. A link will appear to “Submit an Event.” (Photos encouraged!)


We’ve begun posting brief alumni obituaries with links to longer ones. Go to or click on “Obituaries” at the very top of the homepage. You’ll find a list of all alumni deaths since February 2013.

To find your class year, click on the arrow next to “Show me all class years.” You’ll get a list of every class year that has seen a death since February 2013.

To post a remembrance, click on the name of an alumnus.

There’s more. Our blog This Just In offers campus and alumni news. Daily Snap is a campus photo every weekday. The blog Memories: The Alumni Write Yale History features essays by alumni about the Yale they knew.

So: come on in and explore. Welcome!

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