Scene on Campus


The many moods of Sage Boy.

Julie Brown

Julie Brown

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The couturiers to Sage Boy, the statue that adorns Sage Hall on Prospect Street, are shrouded in mystery. “If you ask the students who dresses Sage Boy, they’ll say he dresses himself,” says Gordon Geballe ’81PhD. Geballe is the longtime associate dean of student affairs at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, which occupies Sage Hall. He has been at the school since 1983, and he can’t remember a time when Sage Boy wasn’t bundling up in winter, donning special outfits for the holidays, and sporting political messages. The statue, which stands on a pedestal at the second-floor level, is original to the 1923 building. Some students hope that neighboring Kroon Hall, the environment school’s headquarters since 2009, might one day have a Kroon Girl.

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