Scene on Campus

But no fur teacups

The Art Gallery’s Dada Ball offered some inspired weirdness.

Some 500 Yale staff, students, professors, and New Haven residents gathered on February 25 for the Dada Ball—an evening of art-browsing, mingling, and dancing to Dada-inspired music at the Yale University Art Gallery. Attendees, including the gallery’s curator of modern art, Pamela Franks (left), and photographer Jody Dole (right), donned Dada-style costumes, turning the event into a mélange of stripes and swirls, hats and masks and strange shapes. The ball celebrated the centennial of Dada as well as an exhibit on Dadaism that will run through July 3. A photo booth was available, and guests could contribute to a roving collaborative poem. Following the famous claim that “everything is Dada,” even the food had a Dada touch: the cheese plates were supplemented with gummy worms in popcorn boxes and chicken salad in ice cream cones.

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