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Solange headlines a Yale conference on the influence of David Bowie and Prince.

Robbie Short ’19/Yale Daily News

Robbie Short ’19/Yale Daily News

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Just two weeks before she won her first Grammy, R&B singer Solange drew a capacity crowd at the Law School auditorium on January 26 for a conversation with African American studies professor Daphne Brooks about activism in pop music. “In modern R&B, there has been this expectation for women to be pretty and delicate and sexy and sensual,” said Solange, talking about the political themes on her latest album. “Anger is not really an emotion we’ve been allowed to express.” The talk was part of a four-day symposium, “Blackstar Rising and the Purple Reign: Celebrating the Legacies of David Bowie and Prince,” the first major event produced under the aegis of the Schwarzman Center at Yale.

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