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Women professors constituted 27 percent of Yale’s tenured faculty in 2017, up from 17 percent in 2001, according to a report by the Women Faculty Forum. When “tenure-track” faculty are included, the figure is 44 percent, up from 37 percent in 2001. The report also noted that 47 percent of deanships and 50 percent of head-of-college positions were held by women in 2017.


Courses in American Sign Language are being taught for credit at Yale for the first time this semester. In a three-semester pilot program, the linguistics department is offering introductory and intermediate levels of ASL in full-immersion settings. Although enrollment was capped at 14 per class, 45 students showed up for the first day of the introductory class.


Kim Vo

Kim Vo

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The Yale Homebuyer Program, which has helped more than 1,200 university employees buy homes since it was started in 1994, has been renewed by Yale’s trustees through 2019. The program offers up to $30,000 to faculty and staff who buy homes in designated New Haven neighborhoods.


Beginning this fall, undergraduates will be able to change their course registration, from letter-grade status to credit/D/fail, until the middle of the semester. Until now, students had to select the credit/D/fail option at the beginning of the term. The limit on a student’s total number of credit/D/fail courses (four) remains in place.

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