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The plunge

A Yale diver leaps into the void—with style.

Chris Cassidy

Chris Cassidy

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First-year undergrad Will LeFebvre, shown here in midair, is performing a 5235D: “back 1.5 somersaults with 2.5 twists on the three-meter springboard,” explains his coach. The dive was a warm-up for a January meet with Cornell in Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Coach Lindsay Iordache—herself a seven-time All-American college diver—is also a first-year; she’s halfway through her inaugural season as coach of the Yale diving teams.

It’s been a good first year for them both. “You have to learn to manage your time, but it’s rewarding,” says LeFebvre, a premed chemistry major. And going into the Ivy championships, the Yale men’s team was 6–3 overall and the women’s team 8–1.

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