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Campus Clips

Yale is committing another $85 million over the next five years to its Faculty Excellence and Diversity Initiative. Established in 2015 with a $50 million budget, the initiative provides matching funds to Yale schools to recruit and hire a more diverse faculty. So far, the initiative has brought 84 new faculty members to Yale and supported 40 visiting fellows and scores of doctoral students. 

The divinity school has received a $15 million gift from George and Carol Bauer to build an environmentally sustainable “living village” to house its students. The village will be built on the site of existing dormitories on Canner Street and a parking lot just north of the Divinity Quadrangle.

Yale police officer Terrance Pollock was suspended for 30 days without pay and reassigned to an administrative job after an investigation into a shooting in April 2019. Pollock and a Hamden police officer had stopped a car while investigating an attempted armed robbery; the Hamden officer shot New Haven resident Stephanie Washington, a passenger in the car. (She recovered from her injuries.) Pollock also fired his weapon. The state’s attorney has filed charges against the Hamden officer, but determined that Pollock’s use of his weapon was justified.

A historic house at 87 Trumbull Street will be moved one block east to make way for a new building for the economics department. The new four-story structure, which will house the Tobin Center for Economic Policy, will be connected to the adjacent economics buildings.

The School of Public Health has launched the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health, which will promote research and practice addressing the health consequences of climate change.

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