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New name for environment school

And a rebranding for the geology department.

Robert Benson

Robert Benson

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On July 1, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences will change its name to the Yale School of the Environment. Yale’s trustees approved the change at its February meeting. President Peter Salovey ’86PhD says the new name “reflects the school’s fully integrated, deep commitment to achieving sustainability and finding workable solutions to today’s global environmental challenges.” The school’s continuing programs in forest management and forest science will be part of a new entity within the school known as The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment.

At the same meeting, trustees approved another name change: the geology and geophysics department in Yale College and the Graduate School will become the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. The new name will better describe the breadth of work in the department, says chair David Bercovici: “We investigate oceans, atmospheres, and ice sheets past, present, and future; the coevolution of life and Earth; and the deep, inaccessible interior of our planet and how all these phenomena play out on other planets in our solar system and beyond.”

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