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The Review turns 200

A literary magazine with a long pedigree.

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Nine years ago, we ran an article about the 100th anniversary of the Yale Review, a literary quarterly published by Yale. This February, the Review hosted a series of campus events to celebrate its 200th anniversary. Before you get caught up in the math: the 100th anniversary was for the modern version of the Review, which began in 1911 with the editorship of Wilbur Cross. The 200th anniversary celebrates the founding of the Review’s grandparent: Christian Spectator, an evangelical publication. It evolved into a secular journal called the New Englander, which evolved, in 1892, into the Yale Review.

The old dog has some new tricks, though: the Review recently redesigned its website and is striving to increase its online presence. “I’m very excited about bringing exceptional literature to a wider world of readers,” says Meghan O’Rourke ’97, who took over as editor in July. “Digital publishing means the potential to reach more readers than ever before.”

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