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Class from Hell

Even registrars have a sense of humor.

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Divinity students perusing the spring course catalog online couldn’t help but notice a particularly resonant course number for the class on Evil in Early Christianity (left). We’re pleased to report that it wasn’t the work of Satan, and it wasn’t even a coincidence. Just the work of a divinity school administrator with a great sense of humor.

Div School registrar Lisabeth Huck ’88MDiv says that courses are numbered by curricular areas, and the 600s are reserved for theology. “To be honest, I have been waiting for about 11 years for a course in theology on evil to come along,” says Huck. After first checking with the course’s professor, Gabrielle Thomas, she decided to go for it. “At first I wondered if anyone might be offended, but the students seem universally delighted and amused,” says Huck. “And these days we need any reason we can find to give people a chuckle.”

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