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King of the castle

Handsome Dan XIX has a new competition-winning doghouse.

Bob Handelman

Bob Handelman

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Handsome Dan has arrived. “He’s a big fan of his new doghouse,” says his handler, Kassandra Haro ’18, a program administrator in Yale’s Visitor Center. Dan accompanies her there when she’s at work. And who wouldn’t enjoy lounging outside in a palace?  

The bone-themed shelter was designed and built by Shelby Wright ’21MArch and Christine Song ’21MArch, winners of a doghouse design competition at the School of Architecture. In the spirit of Yale’s love of heraldry, Wright and Song designed a shield—featuring a bone and pawprints—to decorate the entrance.

One caveat: although Dan loves hanging out on his rooftop, he needs a little coaxing before he’ll pose for the camera. Fortunately, a dab of Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter-and-pretzel ice cream always brings out his regal side.

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