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COVID update

How the response to the virus continued this fall.

Richard Borge

Richard Borge

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As the fall semester came to a close, COVID risks—and precautions—were
increasing at the university. Some news:

• The university went from a yellow to a green COVID alert level on November 4, responding to lower levels of infection in the campus community. This allowed for some relaxation of rules on gatherings, events, and performances.

• But just three and a half weeks later, as infections rose again on campus and in Connecticut, the campus went back to the yellow alert level.

• Also in December, the university required students to return to twice-weekly testing and discouraged nonessential travel for the rest of the semester.

• Forty-seven students who were planning to live in mixed-college housing in McClellan Hall in the fall were reassigned just as the semester began, as the university decided it needed McClellan for COVID isolation housing. Twenty found other on-campus housing; Yale put up the rest at the Omni Hotel. In November, they were able to return to McClellan.

• In December, the university announced that staff who have been working a hybrid schedule (a combination of in-office and remote days) should continue to do so through June 30.

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