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Joe Epstein

Joe Epstein

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Men’s golf teams from Yale and Columbia (left) got together in October to celebrate a milestone: the 125th anniversary of the first intercollegiate golf match, which featured the same two teams in 1896. The Bulldogs and Lions met for an unofficial match at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club in New York. Although Yale was a decisive winner (35–0) in 1896, Columbia got its revenge in the rematch, 15–2.

A bomb threat on November 5 caused Yale to evacuate several campus buildings, including four residential colleges, three Old Campus dormitories, Bass Library, the University Theatre, and the Art Gallery. The Yale Police gave the all-clear after five hours, saying there was no validity to the threat. No arrests have been made. Stanford, Columbia, Brown, and Cornell also had bomb threats on the same weekend.

Undergraduates on financial aid will not be expected to contribute as much to the cost of a Yale education under a new formula announced in October. The “student share”—the amount students are expected to pay, through a job or other means—has been reduced to $3,700 per year—a 34 percent reduction for most aid recipients. That figure represents the cost of books and personal expenses; the rest of the cost, including tuition, housing, meals, and travel, will be covered by university grants and parental contributions according to a need-based formula.

The beloved Linonia and Brothers Room at Sterling Memorial Library is slated for a renovation next year. But calm down—those green leather armchairs and sofas aren’t going anywhere. In addition to a general sprucing up and improvements to lighting and ventilation, the original parquet floor will be uncovered, and a wall separating L&B from its anteroom will be removed. “Our aim for this project is to improve the space while maintaining its traditional character and charm,” says university librarian Barbara Rockenbach.

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