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COVID Update

Richard Borge

Richard Borge

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The COVID story on campus from the beginning of the term to early April was generally one of improving numbers and relaxed restrictions. Some news:

• The university moved from the orange to the yellow alert level on February 7, allowing for fewer restrictions on events and visitors to campus.

• New cases among undergraduates—attributed largely to unmasked gatherings with food and drink—spiked in the second week of February. Instead of sending students to designated isolation housing, they were encouraged to isolate in their own rooms instead.

• After those cases ebbed, the campus-wide indoor mask mandate was lifted on March 21. As of early April, masks were still required in classrooms, on shuttle buses, and at some athletic and performance events.

• Some Yale facilities began to open to people outside the Yale community, including the art museums, the Beinecke Library, and venues for performance and athletic events.

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