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Michael Marsland

Michael Marsland

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld (above) and his research team have been keeping a well-publicized list grading more than 650 companies on their response to the invasion. More than 500 companies have announced their withdrawal from Russia. Sonnenfeld wrote in a commentary in Fortune that the list had helped persuade companies to take action.

A former Yale employee
pleaded guilty in March to federal charges that she stole more than $40 million from the university by ordering electronic equipment for her department and then reselling it. Jamie Petrone worked at Yale from 1999 to 2021, most recently as director of finance and administration for the medical school’s emergency medicine department. She began the scheme as early as 2013, according to the justice department; she was arrested in September 2021 after an anonymous tip to Yale officials and was charged with wire fraud and filing a false tax return. Petrone is out on bond awaiting sentencing.

Starting this fall, incoming Yale College students will all attend a pre-orientation program. The college offers five different programs, including one historically for students of color, one for international students, and others focusing on backpacking, food and farming, and community service. Every first-year student will participate in one of the programs, which will be free of charge. Students will arrive on campus for three days of college-wide orientation, then join one of the five programs for four days before returning to complete their orientation.


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