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On the road again

Yale's musical groups return to touring after a pandemic pause.

Vijay Misra

Vijay Misra

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The spring break tour is a time-honored perk for many of Yale’s musical groups—but for three full years, COVID-19 had silenced the music. This March, Yale musicianship was back and around the world in full force. The a cappella group Something Extra (left, at the Taj Mahal) sang in India, Proof of the Pudding harmonized in Korea, and the Spizzwinks crooned in Florida and South America. The Yale Symphony Orchestra toured Mexico; the Yale Glee Club performed in Kenya.

Aditi Narayanan ’24 was Something Extra’s tour manager for their ten-day trip to India, where the singers stayed with her grandmother in Chennai. How did it all go? Says Narayanan: “When you take trips abroad, it makes or breaks the group, and I’m glad to say we made it.”

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